How long has it been?

I haven’t graced my Tumblr in a LOOONG time, the occasional text here and there maybe but none the less I have been occupied beyond belief with school work, work, and life in general.

But as a quick update:

Finals are next week, I can almost taste summer. I can’t wait!

I’m dating someone quite remarkable and I really hope it works out.

I’m obsessed with protein shakes

oh and and I booked a little trip to INDIA! for the summer :D you can bet I’m beyond ecstatic. 

oh and I’m PR chair for my design student body  at school. 

So maybe the year started out rough and I’m not saying it still isn’t tough, cause it is. Problems are problems and a divorce is never easy, wether it be while its going on or when its over. The shadow always lingers, and not to mention a death. Duvalias death still lingers on me everyday and everyday I remember her. 

Disappointments are inevitable, but its quite clear that life throws you good and bad sucker punches. So I’ll embrace them, difficult, easy, mediocre, call them what you want at the end of the day it’s one thing and one thing only, LIFE.