I would watch this video but I have to go to work and it would surley make me cry again. The story itself is making me cry ….


Heartbreaking Tearjerker of the Day: Ed Watson wanted nothing more than to marry his loving, loyal partner of 40 years, Derence Kernek, before succumbing to his rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s.

Back in March, the couple, with the help of the Courage Campaign, released a video plea asking for assistance in convincing the 9th Circuit Court to lift California’s ban on same-sex marriage until a decision on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 was reached.

The court ignored their plea, and, sadly, Ed passed away today, never knowing the joy of marrying his significant other.

“It’s ironic that he died on the eve of appeals about peripheral issues around a case that should have been settled more than a year ago,” said Courage Campaign founder and chairman Richard Jacobs. “None of this will matter to Ed or Derence.”

The LA Times notes that, in addition to depriving the couple of Ed’s dying wish, the ban also prevented him from being covered by his partner’s out-of-state retirement plan, which led to financial hardships.

As a testament to that, Derence could not be reached for comment as their phone had recently been disconnected.

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It’s in complete Chaos right now…. my heart is breaking…

 I took this picture this past June while I was in CAIRO, Egypt with my sister.